Thriving on a City Grid

Let Your True Being Radiate in the City

thriving on a city grid book cover The contemporary world, driven by technology and herd consciousness, pressures us to move at an artificial pace that disconnects us from the extraordinary potential of our minds, hearts, emotions, and bodies. But in fact, it is possible to experience everyday unconditional love for life and freedom in the city if we take care of our energy. All that is asked of us is to feed our senses like we did effortlessly as kids.

In Thriving on a City Grid, Christina Dietz advocates a lifestyle downshift to a self-nurturing inner oasis or island-time mentality, where we cultivate love for life, befriend death, eat more reverently, connect with the glorious subtleties of daily life, increase our exposure to green spaces, play regularly and freely, and be with ease. Our natural birthright is to be passionately and unconditionally in love with life.

The city doesn't have to prevent us from drinking from the golden elixir of life--an elixir of inspiration, love, laughter, and peace. Choosing to utilize our free will to curate our attitudes about our life experiences is a vibrant and evolutionary doorway to inner freedom and bliss.

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