My Color Story

Not knowing it at the time, I was on a solo journey around the world to master my intuitive gifts.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

christina dietz standing with colorsI integrated wisdom of lifetimes from being undiagnosed for years with a deadly illness in my twenties prompting me to miraculously crave color: in fruits and veggies, suddenly creating colorful art, and drawn to vibrant countries like New Zealand, Bali, India, Mexico, and the western coast of Australia.

Not knowing it at the time, I was on a solo journey around the world to master my intuitive gifts. I was gifted an incredible opportunity of suffering and misunderstanding--trying so damn hard for years with my head to find answers to my illness. People thinking I was totally insane. Growing up, being so hard on myself. Pushing myself, forgetting to love myself equally as soft. I was gifted with a blessing to remember grace, self-love, ease, deep trust in my intuition,adventure and fun as light generators for epic heart power-- brain synapses vibrantly firing-- in evolving.

elephant in india

I woke up and started adventuring my way through healing.

I believe this healed trauma and created new neural networks in my brain, and not just the one in my head--my heart's brain too.

I am an inspired healer that wakes you up through splashes of light so you can connect straight into your own sacred Divinity for your higher perspective.

I discovered my loving unconditional bridge back into the clarity of the heart through Nature's colors--through literal prisms of light. Later I found out, my bizarre intuitive color craving was my body and mind supporting me during my healing journey with black mold poisoning--due to an environmental genetic condition. My doctor explained to me that I was born without certain detox genes requiring me to care for my body like a temple.

While undiagnosed and cognitively unaware, I instinctively used color in a myriad of practical ways to heal myself emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even physically. First by following through with my craving for lush green: going solo on a one way plane ticket to New Zealand. Turns out, my doctor later said that this was the best thing I could have done for myself at that time because clean air is the quickest way to detox from black mold exposure. I used my intuition and heart as a compass guiding me from blind turbulence to full vibrant recovery.

christina dietz in new zealand ~
I grew up falling in love with nature, people and our human being adventure.

I am thankful for spending my childhood around the world because these fruitful experiences inspired my passion to help others remember our true Human Nature as harmony in community stemming from individuals choosing to be in peace, love, inspiration and compassion.

May we continue to grow our inner-garden-- with empowered excitement and reverence for Life.

Currently, I offer divine transmission through my artwork, writing, speaking and sensory wellbeing practice.